Breaking the Tradition—Hidden Secrets Behind the Watch

The design of a watch is a adding as many as components in to the case as possible and designers’ imaginations would not go wilder. Many features can be found its form in our daily life. The thinking that is out of reality does not exist. Patterns on the dial can change into an elegant style or other styles, but it would not be easy to change the shape of a case. Round case and square case is common and now let’s have a look at some of those cases.

When I met Piguet Royal Oak, one question slip through my mind: why this shape? Piguet Royal Oak was inspired by a beautiful story: Royal Oak, a tree. In 1651, British Emperor Charles II was defeated by Chester and run away to a mountain. In front of him is a plain and what followed him is a fleet of soldiers. Suddenly, he found an Oak but the tree is hollow in the backbone so he hided in it and thus avoided being captured. After a series of events and stories, this oak is call Royal Oak.

Royal Oak then become a lord of war and also a mascot of British troops. Since then, four British royal fleets named after him. One of them was built in 1862 which was made of oak wood and there are octagonal frames in the ship. And that’s why Piguet Royal Oak applied this shape into this series and how it got the name. Another reason is that tradition polishing tool was still oak wood, and now in the workshop of Piguet there are still technicians who burnished with pointed oak.

In the 40 anniversary that Royal Oak has been rolled out, Piguet adopted a skeleton movement, Cal.5122. modern ornamentation features the watch. Eight screws are set to fix the bezel, which has been a tradition. Bracelet combines with case in a graceful way which reflects inherit of blue blood. 

Cartier La Dona

Cartier Lo Dona is a legend Latin America star, a fan of Cartier as well as La Dona de Cartier series. In 1975, Maria Felix custom-made an alligator necklace in Cartier. Back then, Maria Felix sent his pet, an alligator, to Cartier in person. She asked Cartier designers to make the necklace that share the same shape with alligator. In Cartier, any wild imagination will come true, and because of that, a golden alligator necklace named after La Dona came to being.  

As a member of Cariter Animal series, La Dona de Cartier series has a mirror has is trapezium and asymmetric trapezium alligator head. Silver-plate dial has 12 black Roman numbers on it. diamonds shines; brave innovation, elegance and wild factors are included in La Dona series, radiating a luring class.


BVLGARI Octo has its story for the unique octagonal shape. Over centuries, from the east to the west, octagonal strides over the limit of time and expresses the idea of charm, perfectness, balance and harmony. In the architectural perspective, octagonal shape can be seen in a lot of buildings among which the Castel del Monte and the round top of Church of Florence are the best representatives. In the medieval of Europe, square stands for human while round symbolledg god. Tha’s how BVLGARI Octo was inspired and draw peoples’ attention with the brave looking.

Every BVLGARI Octo chronograph is made of 110 cutting side and are processed with polishing. Middle case, bezel and case button are produced under complicate techniques, reflecting the unique style of designing. The octagonal case button is fixed through 5 screws. Two barrels is fitted to provide 50 hours of power reserve.

The above watches has a conservative appearance and uses some animal element to make people feel novel. When you first see them, do not been shocked by watches with grotesque or fantastic in shape or appearance. Whatever, people many not care about the story behind the watches, neither care about how watch-makers put all their efforts in making an excellent watch, what they care is to own such one. That is enough. For some geeks or people that are crazy about everything about a watch, they may pay more attention to the story behind the watch, or some special events or related elements.

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