The best Patek Phillipe

There are many ways to appreciate a watch. Somebody many buy a new one, an old one or an antic one. Some may choose a famous brand someone many focus on its functions or appearance or movement. Well, if you really play with movement, then you definitely have a great deal of professional knowledge of movement, such as 2824, 2892, 7750. Some maybe know more about Rolex 1570, 3135 or other Omega antic movements. But if you are interested in Patek Phillipe antic watch, then you surely have a deep impression on 600 and 460, which the letter one is well acknowledged as a representative of class and excellence. It was created in the 1960th, a prime time for Swiss automatic watch. 

What is a good movement? That’s a professional ask and would involves a lot, at lease, as a good movement, it should meet following requirements: first, is the overall design perfect? Second, are the quality materials applied to the movement? Third, is it convenient for maintenance? Fouth, Does it have a unique design or just an ordinary design? How about the duration? After asking above questions, we have compared and finally found that Patek Phillipe Cal.460 meet most of them, particularly the automatic winding system quite outstanding.

Cal.12-600 was the first generation automatic movement which was developed in 1953 and then Cal.27-460 was born in 1960. The latter one have seven rubies and has ballbearings on bearings but it also canceled fine adjustments as Gyromax has a high performance in the fine adjustments. Although Cal.460 was the follow-up products of Cal.600, but they have different structures. Basically, Cal.460 adopted good-quality double layer balance spring and oscillates at a frequency of 19800. Even though this is a low frequency, it works precisely and have a 50 hours power reserve, which has more precision than modern watches.

Cal.27-460 was regarded by the proficient technicians as the best quality automatic movement because of its perfect design and long duration. Due to the clever winding system, Cal.27-460 must appear in the collection of its fans. I have a Ref.345-100 and it has a crystal mirror and I also customized a look-through case back so that I can appreciate the inner structure and see how it works. Owing to the even ballbearings on the Cal.27-460, it becomes more durable. Cal.27-460 was suspends during 1960 to 1980 and only 20,000 were produced. It needs to be mentioned that the first Patek Phillipe automatic Perpetual Calendar also use Cal.460 as the movement. Therefore, it is the top of class. 

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