The returning of Rolex Cellini

Days before, Rolex hold a fair for its new products. When hearing the news, what flashed in my mind is nothing but Cellini, a new product that I have never met before. It was on this year’s Basel Watch Fair that I began focusing on Cellini and fortunately I met it and really thrill about it.

Cellini series are the representatives of Rolex’s perfectness, elegance and excellent products. Paying tribute to the Benvenuto Cellini, Rolex Cellini presented itself in a different way from other Rolex series, therefore, it is a niche product and stops productions years before. this year, Rolex has a new design and orientation for Cellini. It combines come basic and original elements while sharing some features with Oyster series.  

There are three version of Cellini, namely Three Hands, Three Hands Calendar and Three Hands GMT. Now let’s have a close look at the basic Three Hands everose gold.

First impression

The Three Hands are the basic Rolex elements but Daytona is an exception. Cellini is no longer the old Cellini, and do not have Oyster’s feature. Therefore, this is a new baby. What it leaves on us is the elegance and its class, and it is the new watch in this year that gains the most popularity.

Looking at the dial closely, you will see the original 6 time index, that is the only thing inheriting from the former series. Thinner small second and white dial background set off that gentlemen style to its best.


In the Rolex, history, there are many stories about the crown during which it evolved from a five fingers to the crown. therefore, this special logo always deserves my attention every time. Afte redesigning the cellini, no big change on the logo was made, same to ther most Oyster professional watches.

Side profile

Before the this year’s Basel, Rolex has released a video in which it displayed a special bezel. Back then, people would wondered that this new bezel would come with a new products but from what series? Now even though we knew then answer, I still have an deep impression on the bezel when I first met Cellini. It seems to be the symbol of new Cillini.


There are two metal bezel among Rolex: arc and triangular shape, but Cellini bezel incorporate two shape into one which signals its personality and that would be better suite Cellini’ style. In my perspective, it has a similar bezel to the bezel of 1930th , so that is why I regard Cellini as the Rolex returning to the old Cellini.  


Lug is melted with the case, so it touches more smooth and nature. From the picture, we can see that lug has a graceful lines. The whole lug are polished and flawless surface is so perfect.

Case and crown

In addition to the above innovations, we also observed that crown was redesigned. The crown of Oysters are basically arc-shaped but cellini have an onion-like crown. Comparatively, the latter one has an classic beauty and easy to operate.


The new Cellini case was not the traditional Oyster case, although the screw-in case back still is applied here and screwing in a way that is quite similar to the Oyster, but this is a totally different thing. What carries with the bracelet is the pin buckle, which is rare in Rolex because most would use fold-up clasps, even the bracelet is made if leather. As to the pin buckle, it would be a little hard to fasten it but offers a better comfortable feel.

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